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Services Offered

A] Business Process Operations
Other general manufacturing products.
* 360 Degree Enquiry Review 4M+1EM feasibility point of view (Enquiry handling & review system).
* Risk analysis & mitigation (Product risks and organizational risk collection and mitigation)
* Competency mapping, Skills gaps, skill development & training management system.
* Organization chart making, Role’s responsibilities making, Goals settings
* Manpower training and manpower providing to industries.
* Over all MIS reporting and management review system.
* ISO 9001 system setups & training.
* Outcome-based marketing.

Flat glass processed products
* Provide onsite solution to the problems / defects in glass depending upon intensity of problem).
* Consultancy in Techno commercial feasibility report, market study report for setting up float glass/processed glass/ sheet glass plants.
* Consultancy in Hard coated and soft coated glass processing (Temp, Lam & IGU) factory setup,
* Factory production controls and Lab setup as per National / International standards.
* Assistance in glass processing Lab Test equipment’s purchase. (Like Environment Chambers, UV Radiation Chambers, Stress Checking Meters, A trolleys, Processing machinery, Handling equipment’s etc.)
* Independent Third-Party site inspection / Investigation /to verify correct glass installation methods.
* Manpower training and manpower providing to Float and glass processing plants.
* ISO 9001 system setups & technical training related to glass & its processing.
B] System and Product Certification.
* Consultancy in ISO 9001: 2015 system certification for manufacturing industries.
(Float Glass, flat processed glass, soft coated glass, press shop, Machine shop, Die casting,E xport companies, Trading / Distributor companies etc.)
* Consultancy in product certifications like ISI mark & CE mark. (Architectural and automotive glass).
C] Interior Decoration Products:
Supply of designer glass products used in Home / Office/ Hotels interiors decoration / large size display for product advertising. (Partly Trading & Partly self-Manufacturing)

Product details
* Designer laminated glass for windows, partitions, ward robes / Crackled laminated glass.
* Designer name plates ,DGU glass with blinders, Georgian bars, ceramic printing.
* Glass tabletops with printing and etching/ Switchable glass.
* Solar panels/ LED lights laminated glass / Infinity mirrors.

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